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a true face of Europe!

Illustrating and understanding the relationships between two generations of the same family is the ambition of this book, as funny and biting as it is tender and benevolent. 40 countries, 267 families and as many different universes, contrasting sensitivities or common points that will emerge from the photographs or the answers to the questions asked.

De La Martinière-Jeunesse.png

Photos Uwe Ommer

Textes Régine Feldgen

price 25 €

312 pages 

ISBN 978-2-7324-6219-6

Wir sind Europa- Knesebeck Verlag Münche

Under one roof
40 countries - 267 families 458 teenagers

For two years, photographer Uwe Ommer and author Regine Feldgen travelled all over Europe to photograph and interview teenagers and their parents. The result is an exciting encounter with two generations, photographed in their family environment and presented in a spontaneous conversation.

Parents and teenagers give an insight into their lifestyles, their hopes and wishes, their opinions about Europe and environmental protection, as well as their parent-child relationship.


Photos Uwe Ommer

Textes Régine Feldgen

price 25 €

312 pages 


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